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New IHSE Keyboard

With the new freely programmable IHSE (Series 444) keyboard, a keyboard, mouse and keypad can be connected as a single HID device to a KVM system through a single USB port without the need for an additional HID extension. The remaining USB port on the extender CON Unit allows simultaneous connection of another USB HID device. The mechanical and ergonomic keyboard is designed for high demands and heavy duty with up to 50 million keystrokes.


What advantages does the keyboard offer for the user?

  • Comfortable operation:
    The high-quality workmanship with anodized aluminum housing, adjustable tilt angle, abrasion-resistant key lettering, precise attachment points and excellent haptics with optional damping element provides a very pleasant writing experience.
  • Practical extension:
    The keyboard can be expanded by up to two matching 25-keypads for freely programmable function keys or macros (2 Layers = 50 Strings). Thanks to the simple wireless connection, the workplace remains neat and free of unnecessary cabling. The keypads can also be connected to the KVM system apart from the IHSE keyboard.
  • Individual printing of keypad keys:
    Support of customer-specific printing and assignment of the keypad keys.
  • For safety-critical applications:
    The IHSE keyboard facilitates black-red separation of security zones, as operated in military and secure government facilities.

Why we offer the new IHSE keyboard?

The keyboard meets the highest standards of ease of use, functionality and robustness. It also allows the connection of other USB HID devices on the Extender.


Orders for the new IHSE keyboard will be accepted immediately. The first deliveries will be made from Q1 2018.

Further information

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