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Draco tera firmware 4.0 supports multilingual matrix management

Firmware version 4.0 for all Draco tera enterprise and Draco tera flex KVM matrix switches has been released to production as of February 2021. It features a selection of different language packages for management and administration via OSD and Draco tera Tool.

Key enhancements:

  • Chinese Draco OSD menu
    OSD (On-Screen Display) features multilingual menu operation
  • Draco tera Tool features multilingual menu operation
  • English, French and Chinese language packages are available as of now
  • German and Spanish language packages are in preparation and will be available soon

The new version 4.0 is the starting firmware platform for all Draco tera flex devices. It is also available as an update variant for existing customers using Draco tera enterprise matrices. If you wish to integrate the new firmware version into your existing system, please contact Tech Support

Further enhancements

Functional enhancements of Firmware version 4.0 (excerpt):

  • Enhanced API functionality (by far expanded system status information)
  • Enhanced session management options on Draco SIRA CPU / IP-CPU
  • LDAP support for matrix login via Draco tera Tool
  • Enhanced redundancy features (single fiber monitoring)
  • Support for 32 matrices in a grid
  • MSC2.0 enhancements

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