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IHSE enables seamless integration of virtual machines into KVM systems

The new Draco vario Remote IP CPU revolutionizes both the KVM market and the virtual machine space by combining the two systems into one homogeneous solution. It delivers the same level of flexibility and performance associated with IHSE KVM matrix switch Systems.

IHSE expands the successful Draco vario series with the IP CPU unit. The device enables the integration of virtual machines in KVM environments into existing Draco tera KVM switch systems. The result is a highly functional remote desktop solution with all the benefits of the Draco KVM system.

This new device is particularly suited to control rooms with virtualized process automation, Network Operations Centers (NOC) that require real-time access to real and virtual target devices, as well as in the TV and film industry, where virtualized desktops are increasingly used. The solution delivers additional connection capability, convenience and represents substantial cost saving over alternative connection methods. It is suited to safety-critical applications requiring extremely fast access to the required information.

Maximum functionality and flexibility

With the new extender module, the user can access virtual machines directly from their own KVM-connected workstation via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or operate simple PC remote maintenance. The extensive functionality of the Draco KVM system offers options such as real-time switching, sharing, private mode and flexible, unrestricted, access to all connected computers and virtual machines.

Multi-session, SSH and VNC

Multi-session accesses are now possible. A single Remote IP CPU extender module allows multiple sessions to be run in parallel. These can then be displayed and operated either individually in full screen or in MultiView configuration, for example in 2×2, and larger, videowalls.

In addition to its application in RDP access of remote and virtual machines, secure shell sessions (SSH) can also be operated from the workstation to enable device management and network control. Computer remote access via VNC protocol is also included.

Compact design

The Remote IP CPU unit is designed in a compact Draco vario design and includes full thin client functionality, eliminating the need for a separate thin client for RDP access. This solution therefore delivers both cost and space savings.

Homogeneous management platform

Virtual machines and components connected to the network, alongside physical workstations, can be controlled directly via the KVM matrix. Thus, the tiered configuration level is replaced by a unified administration that seamlessly includes both the KVM extender and matrix layer, the integrated thin client, and the IP network.

IHSE Press Release – Draco Vario Remote IP CPU


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