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GPIO module allows the connection of LEDs, keypads and other external electrical devices as well as the triggering of switching macros etc.

IHSE offers a new add-on GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) module in the Draco vario KVM extender series. The new module offers a DB9M interface to connect a variety of external electrical devices.

How can the module be integrated into the KVM system?

The additional module can be used with all basic modules (CON Units) in the Draco vario series. Up to eight contacts can be defined as inputs or outputs via an integrated DIP switch. The programmed configuration is recognized and monitored by the Draco tera Tool.

What are the typical fields of application?

In multi-monitor applications, the GPIO add-on module allows LEDs to be connected to highlight the active monitor in a multi-monitor configuration. This option was previously only available in conjunction with the Draco U-Switch.

The GPIO add-on module also enables switching between monitors by an external keypad, push buttons or other input device. This option was also only available to Draco U-Switch users.

Why did we develop the GPIO module?

The popularity of external control and active-monitor indicators on the IHSE Multi-Screen Control software and Draco U-Switch led to the design of the GPIO module to give the same functionality to other users. It also creates the potential to connect other external devices, further extending the scope of the Draco tera KVM system. In addition, macros or favorites defined in the matrix can be executed. And also single keyboard characters can be sent to connected computers (computer control by contact instead of keyboard).

Which variants are available?

R474-BGX: 1x D-Sub 9 (M) for 8 inputs/outputs
R474-BGE2: 1x D-Sub 9 (M) for 8 inputs/outputs + 4x embedded USB 2.0

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