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The Draco SIRA CPU enables the seamless integration of virtual machines into KVM systems.

Product Information

Draco SIRA CPU (Series 488)

The Draco SIRA CPU (Secure IP Remote Access) combines the functionality of a thin client and a KVM extender (transmitter). This space-saving solution is fully compatible with the Draco vario extender and the Draco enterprise and compact matrix switch series.

The IP module provides seamless KVM connectivity to an IP infrastructure. It supports RDP, RemoteFX, SSH, VNC and HTML5 protocols (access via kiosk mode). Further remote protocols will be incorporated in future and can be made available on demand. A single Draco SIRA CPU can host up to 8 simultaneous sessions.

KVM meets VDI
Using diverse remote access protocols the SIRA CPU provides KVM access from the KVM system to virtual machines and webbased interfaces in the same manner as accessing real PCs.

The Draco tera KVM matrix system enables the parallel operations of several Draco SIRA CPUs – even with different network connections. It isolates the networks from each other like a firewall and thus allows secure access to „private cloud“ and „public cloud“ systems from one workstation.

RDP and the benefits of KVM
The KVM infrastructure adds extensive flexibility to a RDP session. RDP sessions can now be shared amongst multiple users, delivering better collaboration and control room solutions.
Immediate access Immediate access to real PCs and virtual machines is achieved through permanent connection. Switching between the two types occurs instantaneously, with no disruption or inconvenience to the users.

Single Sign On
For ease of operation, the system can be configured to support SSO. Single stage user identification is all that is required, either locally or via AD. User credentials are stored for future connection setup.


The Draco vario Remote IP CPU is still available as a starter model with basic functionality.

Product Features

Draco SIRA CPU (Series 488)
  • Integration into IP infrastructure without compromising security
  • Link redundancy for fail-safe operation in mission critical applications
  • Homogeneous integration into traditional highperformance redundancy and compact design
  • Compatible with all Draco vario chassis allowing power redundancy and compact design
  • Improvement of usability and performances with IP infrastructure without compromising security
  • Single-Head operation with resolutions of up to 4K30
  • Dual-Head operation with resolutions of up to 1920×1200 @ 60 Hz
  • Gigabit LAN
  • USB embedded
  • Digital audio embedded


Draco SIRA CPU (Series 488)
Link Interface
RJ-45 or LC Duplex (Single-Mode)
Input Interface
RJ-45 (TCP/IP)
Supported Protocols
RDP, RemoteFX, SSH, VNC (Client), VMware / Blast PCoIP, HTML5
Maximum Resolution
Single-Head operation: up to 4K30
Dual-Head operation: up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz
Keyboard / Mouse
2-channel PCM embedded
Additional Interfaces
USB 2.0 embedded
Maximum Cable Distance
Cat X: 140 m
Multi-mode: 1 km
Single-mode: 10 km
Power Supply
Power Supply via the used Draco vario chassis
Current Draw
Max. 3000 - 3500 mA per extender module (power input via the used Draco vario chassis)
129 x 40 x 145 mm
approx. 300 g
Suitable Draco vario chassis and mounting accessories under the following link:
Installation in ventilated chassis (chassis with backplane or additional fan 474-MODFAN)
Onboard Flash


Draco SIRA CPU / Draco vario Remote IP CPU (Series 488)

All Variations

L488-BIPCDraco SIRA CPU, Cat X
L488-BIPSDraco SIRA CPU, Single-Mode
L488-BIPCRDraco SIRA CPU, Cat X, red.
L488-BIPSRDraco SIRA CPU, Single-Mode, red.

All Variations

L488-BIPECCPU module, 1x Cat X, Remote IP, 8x RDP/SSH/VNC
L488-BIPECRCPU module, 2x Cat X (redundant), Remote IP, 8x RDP/SSH/VNC
L488-BIPESCPU module, 1x Fiber, Remote IP, 8x RDP/SSH/VNC
L488-BIPESRCPU module, 2x Fiber (redundant), Remote IP, 8x RDP/SSH/VNC


Draco SIRA CPU / Draco vario Remote IP CPU (Series 488)

System Diagram

Draco SIRA CPU (Series 488)

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