Draco MultiView 4K60

Display of up to four single-head or dual-head video signals on one monitor.

Product Information

The Draco MultiView 4K60 typically allows visualization scenarios common in traffic control and control room applications, including 3:1 single-head, 3:1 dual-head, 4:1 single-head, and 4:2 Single-Head. The individual input signals can be arranged arbitrarily and displayed in different modes, for example FullScreen, SplitScreen or Picture-in-Picture. By default, you can quickly switch between the required layouts.

Switch by mouse movement

The switching between the video sources can be easily and in real time by mouse movement to the desired content, alternatively by keyboard commands or external push buttons. To connect the buttons, a GPIO interface is available via which LEDs can also be connected. For example, display the active area.

Never miss any audio alerts

The embedded audio signals can be output to a loudspeaker (analog or digital) via a separate audio interface. Either the audio track of the currently active monitor or the various audio signals can be output as amalgamated (combined) audio so that relevant signal tones can be heard at all times, regardless of the source.

Fail-safe and space-saving

The Draco MultiView 4K60 has redundant power and extensive SNMP options for status monitoring (video, PSU, temperature, and switching status). The Draco MultiView 4K60 fits seamlessly into the modular Draco vario design and can be mounted under a table to save space. The dimensions correspond exactly to those of a Draco vario housing with six slots.

Compatible with Draco extenders and matrix switches

The Draco MultiView 4K60 is a standalone unit and fully compatible with Draco vario extnders and the Draco tera KVM matrix family.

Product Details

  • Integrated single-head and dual-head switch for 4K60 DisplayPort video signals and USB
  • Facilitates the monitoring of numerous video signals at a glance
  • Reduce cost and effort by displaying on a single larger monitor
  • Based on 1U BODY6 chassis with redundant power supply for single-head and dual-head
  • GPIO for external LEDs or control via pushbutton
  • PIP modes
  • Scaling function
  • Switching via mouse movement, keyboard or optionally connectable buttons (multi-screen control)
  • SNMP Monitoring (Video Status, PSU Status, Temp, Switchting Status)
  • Typical applications of multiviewers are monitoring and control centers, e.g. in air traffic control


Input Up to 4x DP1.2 @ up to 4K60, USB
Output Up to 2x DP1.2 @ 4K60, 2x USB-HID and 2x USB 2.0
Audio Synchronized switching, amalgamated audio, de-embedding digital / analog
Order Number MV42-DPSH
Input Up to 8x DP1.2 DH @ up to 4K60, USB
Output Up to 4x DP1.2 @ 4K60, 2x USB-HID and 2x USB 2.0
Audio Synchronized switching, amalgamated audio, de-embedding digital / analog
Order Number MV42-DPDH


  • Data sheet Draco Multi View 4K60

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