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Bridge function: Integration of 1G sources into XV infrastructures

The new bridge board enables XV consoles with 3G extenders to access 1G CPU extenders in matrix mode for the first time.

The use of the bridge board links the previously separate worlds of 1G extenders and XV extenders with the higher bandwidths of 3G.

The integration of extenders with different bandwidths is achieved by connecting 1G extenders to the matrix via the new bridge board (480-x8BDG). The 1G input signals are being upscaled to 3G and then treated as 3G signals within the matrix.

This allows us to easily integrate 1G CPU Units (491, 492, 493, 494 series) into 3G environments and to distribute the content to 3G CON Units (490, 495 series).

Access from 1G consoles to 1G sources is currently not possible when using the bridge board, as the signals are converted unidirectionally to 3G format.

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