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Total Airport Management System: New security, safety and command center at Paris Airports  enhanced by IHSE KVM technology

The Customer

Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports are the two international airports serving the French capital, Paris. These two airports handle a combined total of over 100 million passengers each year.

The Challenge

The primary goal of the airport is to move embarking and disembarking passengers and their baggage through the airport as quickly and safely as possible.
The SESAR Total Airport Management Project framework, initially brought together the Orly Airport Operations Center and a number of SESAR partners with a focus on enhancements in aircraft turn-around, passenger movement and terminal operation processes to be achieved through better integrating of joint information. The project aimed to improve the overall efficiency and predictability of the airport operation.

The exercise highlighted the added value of APOC Total Airport Management. It reconciled landside and airside processes for better prediction of Target Off-Block Time (TOBT) following saturation incidents, for example at security control or border control checkpoints.

– Mikael Ferrer, Operations Supervisor.

Passenger movement, baggage handling and gate allocation functions were previously handled in three separate control rooms. Orly Airport initially asked system integrator Agelec to assist in the design of a single control room solution that would integrate the three departments in order to streamline the full airport operation and ensure maximum security procedures.

The Solution

Using their own videowall control system, Agelec system designers were able to present a number of source information feeds onto a common videowall in the control room, in a manner that suited the controllers and allowed adaptable image positioning and resizing.

The APOC enables evaluation of staff workload and identification of problems, for example at parking stands, enabling upstream action to be taken to improve subsequent passenger flow to aircraft departure, helping to reduce congestion and waiting times.

– Frédéric Rousseau, ATOS Project Manager

Individual operational departmental hubs have their own wall of screens on which common sources are displayed in real time, including cameras, air traffic control and business applications. In all, eighty screens and six AGC WALL controllers were installed across several operational areas.
An IHSE Draco tera KVM matrix switch was added to each hub to increase the total number of incoming data streams that could be handled and displayed on the videowall. The KVM system provides access to multiple sources for on each operators’ desk. It also provides fall-back solutions to ensure continuity of service at all times.

The Benefit

The Orly Airport Operations Centre now brings together security, safety and command center functions in a single digital control room. The integrated solution simplifies collaboration and collective decision-making, leading to greater predictability to the benefit of the APOC teams and the overall performance of the network.

The aim is to improve the fluidity of passenger, baggage and aircraft traffic across the entire Orly airport – as well as security, performance and the sharing of real-time information with passengers.
The IHSE KVM technology is extremely flexible, robust and reliable; features that are necessary for mission-critical control rooms like this.

– Timothée Thieffry, Sales Engineer, Agelec


Download case study “Airport Operations Centers Paris”