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JPEG XS: Low-Latency Video over IP

Discover the Future of Video Compression with JPEG XS

Microchip with orange top, topped by a gray square featuring 'FGPA JPEG XS IP CORE' text.

Unveiling the Magic of JPEG XS

Meet JPEG XS, a revolutionary solution that redefines how you handle video content. It’s the ultimate answer to high-quality, low-latency video compression, offering visually lossless quality and unparalleled efficiency. Whether you’re in the realm of virtual reality, gaming, or professional video production, JPEG XS promises to elevate your workflows to new heights.

What Sets JPEG XS Apart

JPEG XS stands out with its extraordinary features. It delivers on low latency, ensuring real-time applications like video streaming and medical imaging run seamlessly. Its high-quality compression preserves image fidelity, while progressive decoding allows for fast streaming. With a wide color gamut and support for resolutions up to 10K, JPEG XS redefines image compression, making it ideal for professional applications where image quality is non-negotiable.

Where Innovation Meets Application

Discover how JPEG XS is reshaping a multitude of industries. From virtual reality experiences to gaming environments and from broadcast to digital cinema, this versatile technology is adaptable and scalable. It’s where innovation meets practical application, ensuring low-latency, high-quality compression wherever it’s needed.

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A Unique Collaboration for Unprecedented Success

Explore the exclusive collaboration between Fraunhofer IIS and IHSE, bringing you unparalleled solutions for ultra-low latency video transmission. Fraunhofer’s JPEG XS SDK and IHSE’s JPEG XS IP core for FPGAs offer innovative solutions for broadcast, in-house, and gaming video routes, guaranteeing predictive and precise rate control. JPEG XS is the new ISO/IEC codec for all video over IP workflows, transforming studio environments, local video networks, and VR/AR applications. Discover how this partnership can elevate your video experiences.

Optimized IP Core:

Optimized IP core setup - 4K@60 camera with JPEG XS encoder connected to a screen with JPEG XS decoder. The cable is labeled 'Bandwidth 1GB/sec.

Functions & USPs:

  • Less bandwidth
  • Solution for all transmitting video signals via IP
  • JPEG XS Encoder FPGA IP Core for different platforms
  • Easy to use IP Core interface
  • Possible resolutions 640 x 480 up to 10K
  • Highly configurable at compile time for different use cases (e. g. small footprint, high quality, low clock frequency, ...)


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Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Your needs are unique, and JPEG XS offers tailored solutions to match them perfectly. With low latency, compression ratios of up to 1:12, JPEG XS caters to diverse image formats and pixel representations, ensuring it’s a versatile solution for your specific need. Whether you’re looking for high-quality video signals via IP, a small footprint, or a high-quality, low-clock frequency implementation, JPEG XS has you covered.

The Technical Heart of JPEG XS

The technical prowess of JPEG XS is its core strength. It’s compatible with various platforms, from x64 CPUs to NVIDIA GPUs, and supports operating systems like Windows 10/11, Linux, and MacOS. Its precision allows it to efficiently compress raw Bayer still images and video content, reducing bandwidth and energy requirements. With typical compression ratios of up to 1:12, JPEG XS caters to diverse image formats and pixel representations, ensuring it’s a versatile solution for your specific needs.

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