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KVM extenders enable the operation of computers from a remotely located workstation. That makes it easy to protect critical CPUs and servers from dirt, moisture and unauthorized access. Operators are relieved from heat and noise disturbance. Their desks simply require peripheral devices such as monitors, keyboards and pointing devices.

A KVM matrix switch enables access to, and management of, any size of computer installation. Sources can be accessed, switched and shared instantly by users. Any connected user console, consisting of keyboard, mouse, monitor or other peripherals, can access any computer within the network. Expensive equipment and software licenses can be shared between multiple users accessing the same computers from their individual workstations in real time.

IHSE offers a wide range of accessories and other special equipment for KVM signal transmission, extension and conversion. Video converters transform video signals from one format to another, enabling the continued use of legacy sources in conjunction with modern flat screens. Cross repeaters multiply the range and enable cross-conversion between Cat X and fiber. CWDM devices multiplex and de-multiplex fiber optics to save transmission cables.