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New HQ Training Center Packs a Punch with IHSE KVM system

Der Kunde

EVS is globally recognized as the technology leader for video production, with wide-ranging HD and UHD/4K solutions for live sports, entertainment, and news content. EVS’ premium media technologies are deployed in the most prestigious broadcast operations throughout the world, helping broadcasters, rights owners and producers optimize live assets, engage audiences and increase revenue streams by monetizing content across multiple platforms.

Customer research and education are critical to the development and delivery of world-class products. EVS operates customer presentation and training facilities in 12 locations around the world. They are used to introduce new products and offer in-depth, hands-on training to users as well as helping EVS understanding ongoing customer requirements.

Die Anforderung

Recently EVS moved its Fairfield, New Jersey, headquarters to a new building and were took the opportunity to upgrade to an updated and much more  flexible training center than previously used. Several years’ prior experience allowed training staff to identify the key aspects in this type of product education.

In addition, a new VIP demonstration room was to be created to show new products to selected customers. Further areas, including the main conference room and reception area with interactive touch screens were also
to be constructed and these, too, were to be added to the network to allow  material to be shared for wider presentation.

The requirement was for a single system that would enable delivery of the best possible education experience
and would also be able to distribute and manage content streams to the other areas.

Die Lösung

The training room system is based around an 80-port Draco tera compact KVM System with Cat X connections with suitable CPU and CON units. All source equipment resides in the main equipment room, while the extensions
are in the training room. The system and set up are easily able to manage the 20 desk mount screens and the rooms main 70” monitors.

Simple switching commands allow screens to be shared, so that the trainer’s workstation can be shown to individual training desks and students’ work can be displayed at the front of the class or repeated on all other training stations.

In total there are 53 sources, comprising a mixture of EVS XT, Epsio, XF3, and IPDirector units. LSM remote control panels are used alongside RS422 and USB-HID touch screen interfaces to manage the different devices.

A second 80-port switch handles connection to the other areas within the building. This is connected to the training switch and source inputs to create a single, unified system.

„Given our multi-room setup, we needed a quick, robust KVM switching capability to pass seat control from room to room at a significant distance within the building. With IHSE KVM gear in place, we have the flexibility, configurability and robust switching necessary to make our new training center shine.“

– Robert Viola, VP of Technical Operations, EVS Americas

Der Nutzen

The flexibility and capability of the IHSE KVM switches allows EVS to deliver the best possible education and training. Trainers can push their screens to the trainees, so that they can see the lessons up close. Then, with a keyboard stroke, trainees can quickly switch back to their local machines to practice the functions in the lesson.

Trainees can also share their own screens with the whole class on the large monitors in the front of the room. Mouse and keyboard sharing between screens reduces the number of peripheral devices on each desk.

„Thanks to our history of success with IHSE, and especially the success we’ve had with the our US headquarters training center since it opened in June 2017, we’re looking to add IHSE KVM gear as we expand our regional training  centers. Next up: Los Angeles.“

– Robert Viola, VP of Technical Operations, EVS Americas


Classes can also be pre-configured by the trainer using IHSE’s Draco tera tool software, which gives us the flexibility to go from one training session to  another with the push of a button. Tera tool is used to build screen layouts and lessons for several EVS products and uploaded to the appropriate lesson before the class starts; a major improvement over the old way, which required a  support engineer and a day’s worth of time to reconfigure the training lab for each new class.


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