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TFT Admin Console

The Draco TFT Admin Console is the ideal administration tool for Draco tera enterprise matrix switches. It includes keyboard, touchpad and monitor.

Supervisory management and control of KVM switches

Draco TFT-Admin-Console (Series 477)

The Draco TFT Admin Console is an integrated KVM console unit with monitor, keyboard and touchpad for installation in server racks or computer cabinets. It provides convenient access to the Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix for supervisory management and control.

For administration tasks no matrix data port is required. System checks and troubleshooting can be performed locally without the need of connecting and cabling hardware. On top of supervisory management and control. The console may optionally be connected through an extender allowing real-time access to all connected servers for system administrators.

Product Features

Draco TFT-Admin-Console (Series 477)
  • 1 RU monitor keyboard drawer for 19“ rack mounting
  • Native resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA)
  • 17.1“ screen diagonal
  • Interchangeable compact keyboard with touchpad
  • Integrated wide-range power supply (100-240 VAC) with IEC 320 plug
  • High quality torque hinges keep the monitor in any position
  • USB connection for keyboard and mouse
  • DVI-I (DVI and VGA) and DisplayPort
  • Picture-in-Picture presentation
  • Country-specific keyboard for an additional charge


Draco TFT-Admin-Console (Series 477)


Remote Admin+




Remote Admin


Draco TFT-Admin-Console (Series 477)

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