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KVM Extenders

Improve conditions for both systems and operators.

What is a KVM Extender?

A KVM extender is a smart solution that bridges the gap between your computer and your workstation. It allows you to control your physically distant computer by your keyboard, video display, and mouse. With KVM extenders, you can work seamlessly and efficiently while maintaining the same level of performance as if your computer was right in front of you.

Benefits of KVM Extenders

Distance Flexibility

Control computers from a distance, whether it’s a few meters or several kilometers away.

Improved Organization

Keep noisy and heat-generating computers in a separate space while enjoying a clutter-free and comfortable workstation.

Enhanced Security

Place critical systems in secure locations while maintaining control and accessibility from a central point.

High-Quality Signal

Experience sharp video quality and responsive control without signal degradation, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

Cost Efficiency

Avoid the need for duplicate hardware by centralizing control over multiple systems from a single console.

Reduced Downtime

Troubleshoot, manage, and update computers without interrupting operations or disturbing the workspace.

How does a KVM Extender work?

A KVM extender revolutionizes the way you interact with your computers, breaking the physical barriers between you and your machines. By extending the control of your keyboard, video display, and mouse, it empowers you to manage distant systems as if they were right in front of you.

  • Video
  • Audio
  • KVM-Stream
  • Transmitter and Receiver
    KVM extenders require a transmitter and receiver.  The transmitter connects to your computer’s ports and a receiver links to your console devices.
  • Signal Extension
    It works by transmitting keyboard, video, and mouse signals over Cat X or fiber cables, enabling real-time control over extended distances.
  • Signal Preservation
    Despite the distance, KVM extenders maintain high signal quality, delivering crisp visuals and responsive control.
  • Zero Lag
    Experience no latency as you manage your computer, ensuring seamless interactions for critical tasks.
  • Plug-and-Play
    Simple installation allows you to set up the extender quickly, requiring minimal configuration and no additional software.
  • Flexible Applications
    From data centers to manufacturing floors, KVM extenders find use in diverse settings, enabling efficient control and management anywhere.


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IHSE KVM Extenders Portfolio

Proprietary Extenders

The image showcases the Draco KVM extender range, featuring a standalone console with two boxes. Its outer part is sleek black, while the front section, housing all the USB ports and connectors, is silver.

Key features

  • Analog and digital audio and video extension
  • Lossless transmission up to 4K @ 60 Hz (4:4:4)
  • Single and Multi Head devices
  • Support for all major operating systems
  • Cat X and fiber configuration
  • Support for USB HID, USB2.0 and USB3.0
  • Extender and signal path redundancy options

Discover the versatility of our Draco KVM extender range, available in both chassis and standalone mounting formats, tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re seeking point-to-point extension for individual computers or pairing them with a Draco tera matrix switch for extensive long-distance reach, our solutions are designed to adapt seamlessly to your requirements.

Certified Solutions

The image showcases The Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders, featuring a standalone console with two boxes. Its outer part is sleek black, while the front section, housing all the USB ports and connectors, is silver.

Key features

  • CC EAL4+ certified
  • Conforming to NIAP PP 4.0
  • Remote CPU operation with DP/HDMI monitor, USB HID devices, and audio speakers
  • Support for all major operating systems
  • Compatibility with other Draco vario extenders and seamless integration with Draco tera matrix switches
  • Optional redundant data link for added reliability
  • Ensured security with anti-tampering measures

The Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders have received Common Criteria EAL4+, meeting mandatory requirements for security-related applications worldwide.

Chassis & Accessories

The image features a Draco Vario chassis comprising three extender modules of varying sizes. Positioned in a pyramid formation, the base module is large, the middle one is medium-sized, and the top one is small. All three modules are situated atop a larger aluminum silver box.

Key features

  • Support for crystal clear digital video signal transmission (DVI-D) up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
  • 8-bit color depth color depth at max. resolution
  • Compatible with Draco vario DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort extender modules allowing signal conversion during transmission
  • In combination with the DVI-D splitter cable a local monitor connection is available at zero extra space
  • Very low power consumption for noise-free installation of up to 6 extenders per rack unit

Versatile Extender Integration: Integrate Draco vario chassis effortlessly, customizing configurations with compatibility across Draco vario and ultra extender modules. Enjoy operational reliability with power supply options and hot-swap capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted performance during maintenance. Simplify setup with the Draco System Designer configurator.

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