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IP KVM Integration


IP Gateway for Secure High-Performance Remote Working

Secure IP Access - High Flexibility, Low IP Complexity

IP Module SIRA offers a highly secure solution for remote access to computers

Enterprises are built around people who need to access data, communicate with each other, and perform remote activities.
However, many tasks cannot be carried out remotely using traditional packetized IP-connected systems that do not provide sufficient reliability or robust operation.

A solution is offered by the IP module Draco SIRA (Secure IP Remote Access). SIRA delivers highly secure, accessible and immediate accessto remote computers.

Signals passed between the operator and computer retain full integrity, have the highest possible transmission rate, and can be
switched by the user on demand. Crucially, SIRA maintains maximum system security.

The perfect Add-on for Draco tera Systems

KVM technology enables distant separation of operators and equipment whilst allowing sharing of common resources. The SIRA IP gateway adds even more distance and by far more flexibility in separating operators from each other.

SIRA is an ideal complement to existing Draco tera KVM installations. It adds remote, IP-based connection capability over local- and widearea networks to KVM systems located at greater distances.

Highest security for mission-critical environments

24/7 operation
Reliability and redundancy options
Maximum resistance to cyber-attacks

Various configuration modes

Direct access to single computers and KVM switches
IP access via client, browser or dedicated user station
No requirement for additional client software

Contact-free working (social distancing)

Backup for evacuation scenarios
Fully efficient and secure home office
Control distant computers to BIOS level

High performance

Low IP complexity
Low bandwidth overhead; low latency
Out of band operation

SIRA IP Gateway in Action

TV Stations and Broadcasters

Major broadcast organizations use SIRA IP modules to carry out remote administration and management tasks, adding to the fl exibility and convenience already off ered by extensive Draco tera KVM systems.

SIRA enables system administrators to access their KVM system from any remote location in a flexible manner via private or public networks, whilst maintaining the highest security precautions.

Air Traffic Management

A major airport control center incorporates a SIRA CON and SIRA User Station solution into a Draco KVM switching system. The SIRA system enables centralized supervisory and management staff to access and control the system, wherever they are located.

SIRA User Station‘s multiviewing functionality allows remote supervisors to view all crucial data at a glance and act in real time – a decisive feature in all mission-critical applications.

24/7 Continuity and Backup

Essential utilities, such as electricity, transport, water and gas are normally managed from centralized control rooms. These, and other industries and commercial organizations, must continue to operate eff ectively during unforeseen disruptive events.

SIRA enables fallback operation from any remote location for continuing operational tasks.

Superior Performance

SIRA delivers maximum performance with minimal IP complexity. This means that any network switch is supported; there is no requirement for multicast/IGMP or Jumbo Frame settings. It offers adaptive bandwidth control. Further, it has only minimal requirements to pass a firewall.

SIRA supports transmission of keyboard, video and mouse signals, along with audio, delivering pristine image visualization up to 1080p60 and 4k30 at 24-bit color depth (4:4:4).

SIRA operates in single- and multi-session modes with the capability of simultaneously displaying several sources on a single monitor using quad-split or picture-in-picture image layouts. For even greater flexibility, images can be spread and duplicated over multiple user monitors.

Security and Reliability

SIRA incorporates multiple built-in safety layers to ensure total privacy and integrity of intellectual property. It incorporates 2-layer log-in authentication for SIRA and Draco tera KVM switch access. IP address range masking is available for inbound and outbound connections. Data is secured through RSA2048 key, AES128/256-bit encryption.

Accessing or manipulating the SIRA firmware-based operating system is impossible over the network or through the user interface, which is further protected by an encrypted signature. Redundant power supply and link port configuration options maximize operational reliability and minimize system down-time.

Product Variants

Provides remote, real-time, access to a Draco tera KVM matrix via LAN, CAN or WAN. Remote users access the matrix using an HTML5.0 browser, client software or SIRA User Station.
Draco SIRA CON, Cat X
Cat X with redundant link interface
Draco SIRA CON, Fiber
Fiber with redundant link interface
Draco SIRA Stand-Alone
Individual computers can be accessed and operated remotely over an IP network using an HTML5.0 browser, client software or SIRA User Station. Includes USB virtual media support.
Draco SIRA Stand-Alone module with native HDMI and USB interfaces
Draco SIRA User Station
Provides remote access to several individual computers over an IP network for multi-session operation. Includes multiviewing support.
Draco SIRA User Station

Draco tera KVM Matrix
Security and redundancy options.
Highest resistance against cyber attacks.

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Provides remote, real-time, access to a Draco tera KVM matrix via LAN, CAN or WAN.
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Draco SIRA User Station
Provides remote access to several individual computers over an IP network for multi-session operation. 
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