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Introducing: IHSE Product Management Team

IHSE’s product management team coordinates and controls the entire development process of KVM products. The team ensures that all steps in product development, from first idea to prototype to product release, are achieved through efficient cooperation between several departments at IHSE.

Mark Hempel (center) heads the team. He ensures that customer and application requirements and technology trends are recognized early and turned into KVM solutions to meet market demands.

Julia Holder (right), as product manager, oversees new products through the entire development process: from initial concept to product launch. She coordinates interaction between departments and she is also the contact person for colleagues on product issues.

Marion Schneider (left) is our technical editor responsible for product documentation. She produces manuals, technical content for data sheets and quick setup guides to assist and inform customers as well as internal sales and engineering documentation.

All departments at IHSE, including development, sales, support and production, are located at our HQ site. The product management function is one of direction: we assess and transform customer application requests into functional solutions and ensure the shortest possible time to market.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management

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