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Tera Web Control

The new Tera Web Control expands IHSE’s KVM matrix series with a graphical user interface for intuitive connection of single- and multi-console workstations; as used in many control room applications. In addition to fast hotkey and OSD menu control, which are particularly popular with power users, the Tera Web Control now offers an HTML-based, graphical user interface.

In a similar manner to an external media controller, workstations are depicted on a layout that reflects the arrangement of the consoles with a visual indication of their current switching states. With just three clicks, individual consoles can be switched reliably from a browser application. 

Multiple console workstations can be reconfigured with a single click using predefined presets. All access restrictions directly follow the original administrative configuration for the matrix. The creation of individual layouts is straightforward and can be undertaken without programming knowledge. 

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