Tera Viewer software

The Tera Viewer enables IP-based monitoring and control of remote video sources over Draco tera KVM matrix switches. With Tera Viewer, users can conveniently check and monitor images as often as required in control-and-monitoring applications.

IP-based monitoring and switching

Tera Viewer Software

The Tera Viewer software provides IP-based preview of video signals passing through Draco tera KVM matrix systems. It is a convenient method of checking and monitoring images, as ofTen required in control and monitoring applications. Live image previews are presented on a separate screen layout which can be configured through the Tera Viewer sofTware as required. Switching of data paths in the KVM switch can also be achieved by means of a drag-and-drop feature of the Tera Viewer sofTware package.

Transmission via IP encoder

Video previews are generated by an efficient Teracue H.264 IP encoder. The encoder is directly connected to dedicated ports on the KVM matrix switch through individual CON Units (481 Series) and follow the input and output video.

Simple use from everywhere

Live monitoring and switching are available to system administrators wherever a high-performance IP connection is available; independent of physical location and proximity to the Draco tera KVM matrix switch itself.

Protection against unauthorized access

To ensure maximum security and prevent unauthorised access to data streams and switching functionality, the Tera Viewer includes an unidirectional connection.

System requirements

For a specifically use of the Tera Viewer package, two Draco vario HDMI CON Units (for connecting the IP encoder) are required. For the Tera Viewer, a PC with Intel Core i5 processor, or better, is recommended.

Product Features

  • The video signal is converted into IP by the encoder
  • The system allows free arrangement of monitor and selection of computers
  • Layouts can be saved on the Tera Viewer. A default layout can also be saved on the matrix and will be loaded automatically when opening. Any number of other layouts can be saved locally
  • Images displayed on the monitors on the Tera Viewer screen are automatically updated
  • Extended switching can be operated using a touch screen input (e.g. tablet). The operating system must support Java
  • Fields of application are mainly control and monitoring scenarios for maintenance and support


Power Supply (Internal) 12 VDC
Power consumption < 5 W per device
Manufacturer IP encoder hardware Teracue
Input HDMI (2x)
Output 10/100/1000 TX Ethernet, RJ45
Video Codec H.264
Control Tera Viewer software
System Requirements Tera Viewer software Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher
Java 1.7, Update 76,
1 GB RAM+ Intel Core i5 processor recommended
Dimensions 30 x 105 x 170 mm
(1.1 x 4.1 x 6.7 inch)

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