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KVM extenders help separate staff from patients

In the current time of Corona virus crisis hospitals need to ensure that they take all possible precautions to protect staff and patients and minimize the spread of infection inside the building. Failure to do so can lead to contamination of treatment areas that must then be put out of action for cleaning and critical front-line staff becoming ill and unable to work.

Social Distancing through remote monitoring

A sensible measure that can help reduce the spread of the virus is to displace or replicate bedside and ward monitoring equipment to areas well away from patients with symptoms of the disease. Thus allowing nurses, doctors and specialists to monitor patients from a distance and reduce the need to continuously approach them; without affecting the level of personal care given to patients.

Centralized patient monitoring through KVM system

To achieve the connection between units requires signal extension of the audio and video data from monitoring equipment to external displays. This extension can easily be achieved using KVM extenders.

KVM extension and switching can also be used to transmit signals back to centralized care stations so that wider monitoring can be achieved centrally.

Functional Diagram: KVM System at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Integration of special equipment and cameras

All types of remote devices can be deployed, including video cameras, so that the greatest level of personal care may be given to patients in these sad times whilst keeping care-givers safe.

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