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ISE 2023 - Fira Barcelona

January 31 – February 3
Hall 5 | Booth 5E525

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) is the most popular and prestigious exhibition for the AV systems integration industry. At the IHSE and kvm-tec booth of the upcoming fair, we will demonstrate our latest innovative technology and solutions.

Visit our joint booth for live demos of proprietary KVM solutions and KVM-over-IP systems. Experience a hands-on demonstration and see how our products offer total control and secure access to your systems and data.

We will present our most recent cyber-security solutions, ideally suited to mission-critical applications for industrial control rooms, transport infrastructure, air traffic control, and other high-security mission-critical environments.

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Proprietary, IP and hybrid

IHSE and kvm-tec combine to offer you the best of both worlds of proprietary KVM and KVM-over-IP technology.

System integrators are no longer constrained to just proprietary KVM or KVM-over-IP but can combine the features and functions of both systems to achieve the ultimate solution. We look forward to demonstrating our complete range of solutions to help you decide on your optimum solution.

Would you like to discuss our hybrid KVM solutions with one of our experts?

" Multiple networks and locations on a world map, connected through proprietary KVM and KVM-over-IP solutions. IHSE and kvm-tec offer a wide range of solutions for total connectivity by combining the best of both worlds."

Cyber security solutions

Every IT system must maintain a high level of security at all times. Threats are posed from many directions. IHSE KVM solutions are designed to mitigate cyber threats of most types, providing confidence in applied applications.

Are you interested in a cyber security consulting with one of our experts?

A person in a white coat holds a padlock in their hand representing the high level of security in IHSE's cyber security solutions. IHSE KVM systems are designed to mitigate cyber threats of most types, providing confidence in applications for all users.

Can't make it to the show.
Why not grab a virtual coffee with one of our experts?

Five people are sitting in front of a tablet, smiling after a virtual coffee meeting with an IHSE expert at the Airspace World. In our 1:1 we discuss ideal KVM solutions for your individual requirements.

If you are unable to make it to the show, you can schedule a virtual meeting with one of our experts. Our KVM specialists will be pleased to assist you in your quest to find the best solution possible for your needs.

What to expect on the IHSE exhibition stand

Spread over six solution stations, we will highlight the advantages of our comprehensive range of KVM products and showcase flexible, secure, and high-quality solutions for the AV sector in demanding industrial and commercial environments.

KVM enables ideal configurations for today’s demanding control room requirements. Providing flexibility, a wide range of signal handling and dynamic adaptability.

Proprietary KVM

  • The switchable connection between user displays and source computers over copper or fiber cables for fully-interactive control and display of crucial information.


  • Flexible distribution and interaction for users, including control systems, security and surveillance devices, remote management and control.

KVM hybrid solutions

  • By combining Direct KVM and KVM-over-IP systems, control room operators benefit from the highest level of access and control of the widest range of local and remote systems.

Mission-critical and highly secure installations demand extreme security procedures. As offered by the latest, security- and common criteria-certified KVM solutions.

  • Common criteria certificate provides the highest level of security in environments where secure and insecure computers are networked together for collaborative purposes and where data transfer from network A to network B must be impossible.
  • Certified solutions: Secure KVM Isolator / Extender DP/HDMI, providing the highest security against data leakage.
  • Proprietary design structure for high security, 24/7 service and operational reliability.

Today’s demanding applications require remote access or connectivity over local- and wide-area networks. Our Draco tera enterprise IP Gateway, Draco tera flex IP Gateway, Draco vario IP Gateway CON and our software-based Draco CON App provide the link between both worlds.

  • Bridge multiple KVM matrices over existing IP networks, buildings, across campuses and between remote corporate offices.
  • Secure, IP-routable site networking without compromising operational flexibility, security or maintainability.
  • Instant switching and connection between computer sources and end users with negligible latency and artifacts for real-time performance.
  • Ideal for remote working, e. g. In the service field or for access-from-home-office operation.

Direct KVM offers the ultimate solution for high-availability, highly secure and low-latency applications. Along with the flexibility to instantly change user configurations.

  • Continuous operation
  • MultiView 4K60 display
  • SNMP functionality
  • Wide range of signal format handling, including HDMI 2.0 with HDCP capability
  • API Switching Manager

KVM-over-IP offers great flexibility and system availability for general KVM applications using standard network switches that take advantage of existing cabling infrastructure.

  • KVM-over-IP and Matrix Switching Systems to accommodate over 2000 endpoints
  • High-quality, high-resolution image capability
  • Fully interactive

The KVM Multiview Commander System is capable of managing 16 sources with free positioning and placement.

  • Freely adjustable image scaling and positioning
  • Crop, resize, picture-in-picture, overlap
  • Up to 16 sources in full HD or 4K displayed on a 4K monitor
  • Multi-screen control with a single mouse and keyboard
  • Video wall function with up to 64 monitors  

A Sneak Peek of our IHSE Booth at the ISE 2023

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