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Esports Venue Summit

Swansea Arena, Wales, UK

4 – 5 May 2022


Bringing esports to life

From 4-5 May 2022, this pioneering forum dedicated solely to esports venues and spaces, Esports Venue Summit, will help shape the future of esports hosting, venue design, technology and operations at Swansea Arena, Wales, UK.

Discover invaluable content to help your organisation secure new income streams at Esports Venue Summit.

We look forward to seeing you now that the UK is beginning to re-open its borders. For those unable to travel, the summit is also planned to take place virtually from 23-27 May.

Esports is growing massively. In contrast to other industries, the esports market is not experiencing any declines due to the Corona situation, which makes it even more valuable in these times – with a multitude of opportunities.

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The Event

Bringing esports to life virtually for 2020

The Esports Venue Summit Virtual Week will provide four days of thought provoking sessions with speakers and panellists from every aspect of the esports world represented, including tournament organisers, games publishers, team owners, players, esports property owners, esports venue operators, architects, investment bankers, leading industry bodies & associations, key technology suppliers and more.

This forum dedicated solely to esports venues & spaces will inform and inspire those already active in the esports sector and those working in venues & event spaces – whether in sport, entertainment, leisure, hospitality, development, etc – about the opportunities in esports.

The Event
Schedule Virtual Event Week
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The summit features 11 thought-provoking sessions/debates from 50+ key industry figures across the esports, live entertainment & venue industry.

Topics to be debated include: The emergence and continued growth of esports on a global level; Esports community engagement; Merger of esports and traditional sports; The power of broadcast technology; Esports as an immersive experience; The finance behind the phenomenon; Venue versatility – multi-use spaces; Evolving trends in esports venue design – a debate with leading architects & more.

Our Speaker

Don't miss our speaker:

Session 5 Part 2 Esports and broadcast technologies – where to next?

Wednesday 4th May 2022
4:00 pm – 4:45 pm (UK Time) / 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm (CET)

Michael Spatny
Managing Director/CSO, IHSE

IHSE KVM at Esports Events

Display Management in Esports Applications. Integrated content processing and broadcast workflows for efficient esports event management.

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Esports Venue Summit Virtual Event Week @esportsvenue 26-29 October – the only
forum dedicated to esports venues & spaces.

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The Advantage of KVM Technology in eSports

Anke Ellis and Mark Hempel discuss the advantage of IHSE KVM technology in esports.