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Introducing: IHSE Marketing Team

Our marketing team in Oberteuringen is responsible for creative content and corporate communication for IHSE. The team designs all online and offline content and communication for our global network of offices, partners and customers.

Linda is our webmaster. She is responsible for the IHSE website. She also creates data sheets for all KVM products.

Lena, is a working student nearing the end of her studies and currently writing her master’s thesis on business intelligence. Lena is rapidly becoming an expert in our CRM and business software.

Simone is responsible for all print and publishing activities. She produces the highly-informative and well-received catalog every year.

Stefan is responsible for external press and communication. This includes advertising design, newsletters, video clips and webinars.

Head of marketing, Anke Ellis leads the team and supervises reporting and special tasks.

Operating as a global company, the team also receives great support and local marketing initiatives from Dan at IHSE USA and Steve in England.

We are the company’s creative source. This is where marketing and communication ideas and concepts originate and develop. It is our responsibility to support our partners and customers with accurate and up-to-date information and to explain our cutting-edge technology, widely and in an understandable way.”

Anke Ellis
Director Marketing and Communications

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