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General Questions
How to send your device back to IHSE?

1. To send in your device you must have an RMA number (Return Merchandise Number). Please contact your dealer to get this number.

2. Please pack the equipment carefully. Add all the parts, which you received originally. If possible, use the original box.

3. Mark the RMA number clearly on your shipment. Please note that we cannot accept returned devices without an RMA number.

What does the "K" in article numbers stand for?

K is the abbrevation of Kit and means e.g. a complete extender system.

An extender kit includes one CPU as well as one CON unit. And additionally all  cables and the power supply which are needed for the installation of the system.

Is there a markup for small-volume purchases?

Yes, we will further charge an extra fee of 10 € for small quantities for an order value under 100 €.

Technical Questions
Can I retain the last available frame if the video connection is lost?

All CON extender units of the series K477 and K474 now offer the “Hold Picture” Function. If there is a disconnect between the CON unit and the CPU unit, the last available frame of the video signal is stored and displayed in the CON unit until the connection has been re-established. The display is marked with a colored frame to emphasize that the video information is no longer valid. Nevertheless, you can still access the latest available information, indispensable e.g. in (air) traffic monitoring.

Where do I get the current Draco Tool from?

Both tools are available on the here:

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