Draco OPS (2K60)
Draco ultra OPS (4K60)

The Draco OPS 2K60 and the Draco ultra OPS 4K60 provide a single-wire KVM extension to any OPS equipped display. This enables GPU workstation performance at the remote display (fanless).

Convenience and cost-saving for pro-display installations

The Draco OPS 2K60 and the Draco ultra OPS 4K60 KVM extender simplifiy the installation, operation and management of remote displays in retail signage, airports, train stations, medical, industrial, education and other applications.

A single module inserted into a standard OPS socket delivers Full HD video or 4K60 video and analog audio connectivity, with full interactivity. Single wire (Cat X or fiber) enables remote connection to displays up to 140 m/10 km from the media source. USB-HID is being fully supported, mouse and keyboard are connected to the HID ports. USB 2.0 embedded support ensures the use of the monitor‘s touch screen function, if included by the monitor.

For hard-to-access, highly secure installations and better system management the Draco OPS KVM extender delivers the ideal solution. The device is fully compatible to the extenders of the Draco vario series and the signals can be distributed via Draco tera matrices.

Product Features

  • Supports Intel® OPS standard
  • Compatible with any display having an OPS slot
  • Allows the displays to be located anywhere, with single cable connection and no additional power or network cables
  • Source switching: any source to any display due to full Draco tera KVM matrix compatibility
  • Signal distribution via matrix allows a single source to be shared across multiple displays
  • Reliability and continuous operation via redundant link
  • Provides workstation video power in a standardized, small formfactor (OPS) without noise (no fan)


Power + 12-19V @ max. 8A (via JAE 80 – Pin)
Link Interface 2x RJ45 or 2x LC Duplex (Single-mode)
Output Interface (plug socket) JAE 80 – Pin (TX25 Plug Connector)
Maximum Resolution Draco OPS (series 482):
1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Draco ultra OPS (series 490):
4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz
Color Depth Draco OPS (series 482):
8 bit / True Color
Draco ultra OPS (series 490):
10 bit / Deep Color
Service Interface Mini-USB (F)
Audio Analog audio integrated
– Line level interface
– Parallele bidirectional stereo audio
– Digitized virtually CD quality (16 bit, 38.4 kHz)
– Input impedance: 47 kOhm
– Output impedance: 270 Ohm
Keyboard/Mouse Fully supported USB-HID, mouse and keyboard connected
to extender / HID ports
USB 2.0 USB 2.0 embedded (R474-BXE2 based) with on 50 Mbit/s of bandwidth
Maximum Cable Distance Cat X (1G / 3G) up to 140 m
Single-mode XV (9 µ) up to 5 km

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