Draco CPU Switch

The Draco CPU Switch allows you to switch between eight VGA computers together with the respective audio and USB signals. It also comprises the extension of the selected and digitized signal to a remotely located workstation.

8:1 Port VGA KVM Switch

The Draco CPU switch allows switching between eight VGA computers together with the respective audio and USB signals. The Draco CPU switch replaces eight traditional KVM extenders: Eight computers are connected by VGA cables to the CPU Unit which is further connected to a user workstation by one interconnect cable. The operator can access any of the eight connected sources from the console. The extender operates as an 8-input, 1-output KVM switch and includes front-panel LEDs to indicate the active computer. Analog VGA signals are converted to DVI-D within the extender and scaled using Draco vario image scaling which is ideal for modern, high-resolution monitors.

In addition, the Draco CPU switch comprises eight USB-HID/USB 2.0 embedded (36 Mbit/s) ports, as well as eight bidirectional analog audio ports. A further USB 2.0 port (480 Mbit/s) on the extender allows storage devices to be connected locally. An attached USB device is logged into the active computer making it possible to transmit data (e.g. important system updates) from a single USB device to all computers under control of the workstation.

Product Details

  • Includes 8 input ports for VGA, USB and audio
  • Output connections to DVI extender or matrix switch port
  • Integrated scaler
  • Redundant power supply
  • Rack mountable in 1 RU
  • Switching via hot key commands
  • Local USB port selectable to any input source
  • Perfect for efficient management of legacy VGA sources
  • Ideal for centralized management of host computers integrated to digital KVM matrix systems


Power Supply (Internal) 90-240 VAC / 0.7 A / 50/60 Hz
Input 8x VGA, USB-HID, analog audio,
8x USB 2.0 embedded, local USB 2.0 (high speed)
Output Cat X, single-mode fiber
Maximum Resolutions 1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz
Color Depth 8 bit / True Color
Maximum Cable Distance Cat X: 140 m
Single-mode 9µ: 10 km
Dimensions 444 x 143 x 43 mm (17.5 x 5.6 x 1.7 inch)

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