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IHSE receives Common Criteria PP4 Compliance

Oberteuringen, January 17, 2023 – IHSE’s Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders is Common Criteria PP4 compliant.

The Common Criteria PP4 certification is a prestigious and rigorous standard for equipment used in environments that may be subject to a high risk of infiltration and require special security measures. Certification is only issued after extremely sophisticated testing by independent institutions.

High security environments

KVM solutions from IHSE are favored by many professionals worldwide for application in highly secure and critical environments. IHSE’s extenders and matrix switches are equipped with essential features making them a perfect match for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Tests and requirements

IHSE Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders are now Common Criteria NIAP PP4 compliant. This is a mandatory requirement for many security-focused applications around the world. The compliance process includes intensive analysis of weak spots and a thorough analysis of equipment design by independent security experts. Common Criteria PP4 compliance confirms the high security standard of IHSE products.

KVM in high security environments

Already well known for product reliability and customer centric engineering, IHSE now offers specialized products for high security environments. Certified components from security specialist HighSecLabs are incorporated in the Draco vario KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders.

IHSE’s KVM systems are an ideal solution in allowing flexible access to IT resources whilst protecting critical data assets. They can securely extend and switch keyboard, video, mouse and audio signals in real time, without any loss of quality at distances of 10 km and beyond. With optional data link and power redundancy configuration for failsafe interconnection via fiber or Cat X, IHSE technology is the ideal choice for 24/7 mission critical applications.

Secure setups containing both classified and unclassified endpoints can be achieved in combination with Draco tera matrix switches and Draco vario extenders.


IHSE Draco vario Secure KVMA Extender products with Common Criteria PP4 compliance will be available in Q1/2023.

Protecting intellectual property has always been a challenge and even more so in today’s networked world. The secure KVMA Isolated Secure Extenders provide maximum protection while maintaining full usability and collaboration.

Mark Hempel
Head of Product Management of IHSE GmbH

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