Chassis & Accessoires

Chassis versions for a individual configuration

Modular concept for extenders

A wide range of application installation
Draco vario chassis allow individual Draco vario series extenders to be combined in standalone or rack mounted configuration. The flexible, modular system allows customized integration of devices to meet specific installation requirements. Chassis are available in sizes to accommodate 2, 4, 6 and 21 individual modules.

Individual and free customization
The Draco vario chassis is compatible with all extender modules in the Draco vario and Draco ultra range (474, 481, 482, 483, 490, 492 and 493 series), offering complete freedom of choice in the selection of extender boards for every installation configuration. The chassis are compatible with all available vario boards, including CPU and CON Units, CWDM modules, repeaters and SNMP modules. Installation of the Draco tera 8-port compact board is also possible.

Operational reliability and maintenance
Draco vario chassis are available with integral and external power supply options and can be configured with redundant supplies. Hot-swap capability is available as an option on 6 and 21 module chassis to ensure continuous operation during maintenance.

Online configurator
The Draco vario configurator is available to assist with system configuration.



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