Abbey Road Studios

New Dolby Atmos Mix Stage aided by Draco tera compact KVM switch

The Customer

Abbey Road Studios is well known for producing the recordings of famous groups, including The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The legendary facility in central London has just completed construction of two new recording studios and a mix stage for film post production. The construction marks the biggest expansion to have taken place since it first opened its doors in 1931.

The Challenge

Abbey Road Studios defined a requirement for a studio that would allow film makers to mix all elements of sound in their film, including music, dubbing and special effects.

To achieve this, a new Dolby Atmos-equipped film mix stage was designed and integrated into the facility by HHB, supported by UK distributor Scene Double. It features a hybrid Neve DFC 3D and Avid S6 console, 8 Pro Tools systems, 4K projection and 44 speakers, enabling clients to mix all elements including music, dubbing and special effects in a variety of formats including Atmos and IMAX.

The Solution

A 64-port Draco tera compact KVM switch is now an essential part of the system; helping to make the mix stage truly flexible; streamlining the operation of the studio and enabling operators to share and take control of a wide range of equipment. That impressive list includes a 40-fader Avid S6, 8 x Pro Tools HDX rigs with Apple Mac Pro computers,11 x Avid HD MADIs, 6 x NTP Penta 720 interfaces with MADI, AES and Dante cards, 4 x Bricasti M7 reverb processors and a TC Film 6000 processor.

The Benefit

Using the Draco tera KVM switch, operators are able to access and control any Pro Tools or other device in the facility, quickly and easily, without experiencing any noticeable switching delay or needing to arrange for the system to be reconfigured.

Ahead of the build, a lot of film post production people described their ideal post facility to us. Some favoured the DFC, others the S6, so the idea of a hybrid console took hold. The IHSE KVM switch sits within the system making it a simple process to use either device and control the attached digital media devices – Simon Campbell Head of Technical Services, Abbey Road Studios

Visiting film makers are extremely impressed by the quality of engineering offered by Abbey Road Studios, the level of equipment on offer and the manner in which it is integrated to operate as a highly effective and productive mixing studio.

What Abbey Road has achieved with the new Mix Stage is truly impressive. The system installed has realised the original vision for this exceptional film sound mixing facility. – Matthew Fletcher, Pro Audio Sales Manager, HHB


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