IHSE launched ATC switch with multiviewer functionality

All data in your sight: With the new Draco MultiView4K60, IHSE offers a single-head/dual-head switch with additional multiviewer functionality. The device is ideally suited as a fallback switch for air traffic control, where controllers need to switch between multiple single-head or dual-head sources in real time to ensure redundancy. It also enables picture-in-picture displays in form of presets, independent of the monitor used.

The Draco MultiView4K60 allows the operation of several computers from one workstation. Up to four single-head or dual-head computers can be connected via DisplayPort or HDMI. The device supports 4K resolutions at a user-friendly frame rate of 60 Hz.

The connected sources are displayed on one or two monitors depending on the setup. The Draco MultiView4K60 offers a wide range of visualization options, for example FullScreen, QuadSplit or Picture-in-Picture – all with flexible scaling for optimal image presentation.

Fast and intuitive operation

Users can switch immediately between the required layouts or source signals via hotkey or API, which allows them to work in a focused and ergonomic environment.

Keyboard and mouse can be connected via USB-HID. Additional USB 2.0 ports allow the connection of e.g. touch screens or graphics tablets.

Maximum reliability

The Draco MultiView4K60 features redundant power supply and extensive SNMP options for status monitoring (video, power supply, temperature and switching status).

Space-saving and compatible

The Draco MultiView4K60 fits seamlessly into the modular Draco vario design and its compact size of a 1U form factor allows mounting under the desk to save space.

The unit is designed for stand-alone use, but can also be integrated in a larger KVM system. It is fully compatible with Draco vario extenders and the Draco tera KVM matrix family.


The Draco MultiView4K60 is available in four versions. First deliveries from Q2 2020.

Single-Head: 4 video inputs – 2 outputs:                DP1.2: MV42-DPSH, HDMI2.0: MV42-H2SH
Dual-Head: 4 x 2 video inputs – 2 x 2 outputs:     DP1.2: MV42-DPDH, HDMI2.0: MV42-H2DH

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