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Draco vario add-on modules transmit additional signal types via the data stream of the main module.

Individual expansion

Expand your extenders individually by a multitude of interfaces for audio, video, USB and many other interfaces, without additional wiring. The add-on modules can easily be connected to the main module and installed in all Draco vario chassis.


Add-On Modules

All Variations

L474-BXEUSB 2.0 embedded
L474-BXE2USB 2.0 embedded Flex Speed
L474-BAXRS232, Analog-Audio
L474-BSXRS422, Analog-Audio
L474-BSSRS422, 2x Analog-Audio
L474-BAPRS232, Analog-Audio, PS/2
L474-BBXSymmetrisches Audio
L474-BBE2Symmetrisches Audio, USB 2.0 embedded
L474-BAHUSB-HID, RS232, Analog-Audio
L474-BSHUSB-HID, RS422, Analog-Audio
L474-BDHUSB-HID, Digital-Audio
L474-BDEUSB 2.0 embedded, Digital-Audio
L474-BAEUSB 2.0 embedded, RS232, Analog-Audio
L474-BAE2USB 2.0 embedded flex speed, RS232 to 19,2K, analog audio
L474-BSEUSB 2.0 embedded, RS422, Analog-Audio
L474-BSE2USB 2.0 Flex Speed, RS422 bis 115K, Analog-Audio
L474-BDDDigital-Audio bidirektional
L474-BDARS232, Analog-Audio, Digital-Audio
L474-BXUCUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed
L474-BXUSUSB 2.0 Hi-Speed
L474-BREUSB 2.0 embedded, RS232 bis 115K, Analog-Stereo-Audio bidirektional
L474-BRE2USB 2.0 embedded, RS232 bis 115K, Analog-Stereo-Audio bidirektional

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