Compatibility USB-HID firmware

In the course of ongoing development of USB-HID firmware, we are releasing a new version which will be installed on all USB-HID extenders from April 2016. The new version is V04.01, with a date stamp of 16.02.2016.

This version offers greater USB transmission stability and enhanced security for the user. It is particularly relevant to installations which experience external noise, for example in high EMC and ESD environments.

The new firmware is not compatible with older versions (V04.00 from 06.10.2015 or before). Existing extenders and extended systems should be upgraded with the new firmware to ensure ongoing compatibility. This can be achieved via mini USB cable or a Draco tera matrix.

To obtain the new firmware and learn more about compatibility or updates, please contact our technical support on +49 - 7546-9248 - 43 or at