SNMP Tutorial - Step 7

Setup your local PC as network monitor

Receive traps and send emails

The virtual machine is configured to automatically recognize your matrix if the first trap is sent.
If you want a new or second matrix to be monitored, this will automatically happen if you configure it to send traps to the virtual machine.

You can have a look at all received traps by opening the browser of the virtual machine.
The start page points to the local OpenNMS installation of the virtual machine.
The login data are also stored in the browser. Just click login.

  • You will never receive a switch trap. We discard this traps because they are unimportant for network monitoring
  • We also discard unimportant fan status/speed traps

Open the email client of the virtual machine to receive emails.
Emails are sent by the following event definitions.   

  • Remove extender
  • Insert extender
  • Changes of power supply status
  • Changes of CPU status
  • Critical changes of fan status (0='unknown' and 2='faulty')



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