Case Studies

Abbey Road Studios’ new Dolby Atmos Mix Stage aided by Draco tera compact KVM switch

Abbey Road Studios is well known for producing the recordings of famous groups, including The Beatles and Pink Floyd. The legendary facility in central London has just completed construction of two new recording studios and a mix stage for film post production. The construction marks the biggest expansion to have taken place since it first opened its doors in 1931.

A Draco tera compact KVM switch is now an essential part of the system; helping to make the mix stage truly flexible; streamlining the operation of the studio and enabling operators to share and take control of a wide range of equipment, including a hybrid Neve DFC / Avid S6 console.

“Ahead of the build, a lot of film post production people described their ideal post facility to us. Some favoured the DFC, others the S6, so the idea of a hybrid console took hold. The IHSE KVM switch sits within the system making it a simple process to use either device and control the attached digital media devices.”

Simon Campbell, Head of Technical Services, Abbey Road Studios

  Abbey Road Studios (Draco tera compact matrix switch) (2.3 MB)

Thales SkyCentre - The future of Air Traffic Management uses Draco tera KVM switching system

Thales provides air traffic management equipment to the air industry. As part of the research and development activities, Thales has established SkyCentre in Rungis, France. SkyCentre is a unique environment that has been specifically designed to reflect a real operational ATM setting.

A Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch has been installed within the SkyCentre to enable system administrators to instantly reconfigure all the systems to suit individual tasks; whether for product demonstrations, research into operator behavior in simulated environments or validation of new technologies or regulatory concepts on behalf of SESAR, or other standardization bodies.

  Thales SkyCentre (Draco ultra DP extenders) (2.4 MB)

New Antwerp police command truck relies on Draco tera KVM system

In summer 2015, the Antwerp police put their new mobile command vehicle into use. This high-tech command truck came about by Cofely Fabricom and Antwerp IP service provider Digipolis, in cooperation with AV specialist Crosspoint and connectivity expert and IHSE partner Intronics. Since the system is being used by the police, stability and reliability were the key requirement in this mission-critical installation.

A Draco tera KVM switch distributes a multitude of live video camera images, computer data and videoconferencing services around the two cabins of the vehicle to local controller positions, to aid them in assessing an incident situation and helping them decide on the best and most immediate response.

  Antwerp Police Truck (Draco tera compact KVM switch) (1.7 MB)
The Synchrotron Radiation Center at Hiroshima University runs with the aid of a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch

The Synchrotron Radiation Center at Hiroshima University runs with the aid of a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch

Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center (HiSOR) is part of the Graduate School of Science at Hiroshima University. It is a world-leading research center, carrying out synchrotron radiation research in the vacuum ultraviolet - soft x-ray range.

Researchers need to be able to access a variety of application programs running on the remote servers together with accumulated data on large storage arrays. The facility operates on a 24-hour per day basis and must operate with no interruption.

Interconnection between the servers and individual researcher workstations is achieved by means of an 80-port Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch using both Cat X and fiber cabling.

“This IHSE matrix switch was installed over one year ago and has not given me any administrative problems. It is 100% reliable we are about to acquire some additional fiber I/O boards to upgrade our overall capability.” Goto san, chief engineer at HiSOR

  Hiroshima Synchrotron Radiation Center (Draco tera enterprise) (603.5 KB)

Hong Kong Harbour - The world’s most advanced vessel tracking center relies on IHSE KVM matrix system

SAAB Technologies, Intronics and IHSE have joined forces together to build Hong Kong's Vessel Tracking Center; the most advanced in the world.

Each year 200,000 ships enter the port, handling 300 million tons of cargo, playing an important role in China’s international trade. The Kwai Chung Marine Traffic Control Station (KCCS) relies on Draco tera KVM matrix switches to connect workstations to critical computers at 4K resolution, enabling operators to instantly switch tasks as conditions change.

  Hong Kong Harbour (Draco tera compact & Draco ultra DP 1.2) (1.8 MB)

Flexible management of live AV recordings at London’s Royal Academy of Music

The Royal Academy of Music is Britain’s oldest conservatoire. The world renown institution was founded in 1822, and is currently housed in three historic buildings in the heart of London.

The Academy recently embarked on a long-term program to upgrade and update its buildings and technical facilities. The objective is to facilitate a more efficient and comfortable centralized environment in which producers can manage the wide variety of recordings and live productions undertaken each year.

“We need to accurately manage sound and picture at the very highest levels of quality so that producers and editors can create the best possible material for live transmission and recordings. IHSE KVM extenders allow us to meet that challenge by providing instant access to centralized production, editing and recording tools from several locations around the facilities, making it an efficient and straightforward process.“ David Gleeson, Head of Recording

  Royal Academy of Music (Draco tera compact matrix switch) (278.5 KB)
Han Show relies on a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch for each performance

Han Show: A celebration of the essence of the Han culture in Wuhan, China, relies on a Draco tera enterprise matrix switch for each performance

The purpose-built Han Show Theater, a magnificent building 60 meters high and 100 meters in diameter, designed by London-based Stufish Entertainment Architects, is inspired by the “Red Lantern”.

The KVM switching across the show theater is managed by an IHSE Draco tera enterprise KVM matrix switch providing the desired level of switching capability between the numerous source devices in the CER and user terminals located throughout the building. Its functionality, efficiency and flexibility delivers the highest level of image quality, usability and flexibility that is essential to the demanding operational requirements of the Han Show.

  Han Show (Draco tera enterprise) (1.1 MB)
IHSE KVM switch helps Wisconsin hospital provide advanced monitoring for critical care of children

IHSE Draco tera KVM matrix switch helps Wisconsin hospital provide advanced monitoring for critical care of children

The Children's Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) operates the largest and most comprehensive pediatric neurosciences program in the state and ranks among the nation’s best. It provides outstanding care in the treatment of childhood epilepsy and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Based on an 80-port Draco tera compact KVM matrix switch, a system was designed by CHW in conjunction with BlackRock Neuromed, a specialist manufacturer of EEG and LTM equipment, that would allow 24/7 monitoring of patient rooms from the control room and nurse stations on the wards.

The new KVM system allows clinical staff to control cameras remotely and access all patient monitoring equipment throughout the day and night to ensure the safety and continuous care of epilepsy patients.

  Wisconsin Childrens Hospital (Draco tera compact) (660.5 KB)

Eiffage Energie - Draco tera KVM switches help in the maintenance of the LGV high-speed rail link

The high-speed line linking Le Mans with Rennes is one of the largest European rail projects. It adds a new high-speed train line of over 182 km to the existing line between Paris and Le Mans, putting Rennes within 1.5 hours travelling time of Paris.

A major new control room was needed to enable train operators to manage and ensure total safety and reliability of the new line. Eiffage Energie, responsible for design, construction and maintenance, equipped the control room with an extensive IHSE Draco KVM matrix switch system to manage rail operations and ensure the total reliability and safety of the new rail network.

“The resulting installation offers a solution that is extremely simple for operators to use, whilst delivering the highest possible level of redundancy and backup in case of local component failure.”
Adrien Trouve, Eiffage Energie

  Eiffage Energie (Draco tera compact matrix switches) (391.3 KB)