VTO2 / VRO2 / VGO+

VGA-, PS/2, RS232, audio-signals up to 1000 m with max. 1280x1024

The VTO2/VRO2 and VGO+ products support the transmission of VGA signals at resolutions up to 1280x1024, as well as PS/2, serial and audio signals for distances of up to 1000 m. 

The transmission is analog over fiber optic cable. For each color of the VGA signal, a separate fiber will be required, plus two additional fibers for the data signals (keyboard/mouse and serial/audio). Each device is equipped with local access allowing the operation of a second console.

  • Brilliant video quality at all resolutions
  • Keyboard/Mouse: PS/2
  • All devices with local access – keyboard/mouse/monitor or only monitor can be connected directly to the CPU Unit
  • Device with serial/audio available
  • Recommended fiber cable: VGO+: I-V(ZN)HH 4G50
  • Recommended fiber cable: VTO/VRO and VTO2/VRO2: I-V(ZN)HH 8G50
  • Combined cable for connection of the device with the PC included
  • Power supply via included power adapter
Power Supply
90-240VAC; 0.4 A; 50/60 Hz
Data Rates
Serial (RS232)19.2 kBaud HW-Handshake
AudioBidirectional Stereo-Audio
connection, nearly CD-Quality,
16-bit, 38.4 kHz
Maximum Resolution1280 x 1024@75Hz
Maximum Cable
Multi-mode 62,5μ1000 m
Multi-mode 50μ1000 m
Please note that the devices are operated in pairs with a CPU Unit at the computer and a CON Unit at the console: the monitor and other peripherals. Part numbers beginning with “K“ are kits containing a CPU Unit, CON Unit and all necessary cables and power supplies.
Product description

PS/2 combined cable 1.8 m (as spare part)

PS/2 combined cable 3.0 m (as spare part)

Breakout cable single-mode 4G50/125

Multi-mode assembly includes 4 x ST connectors

Multi-mode breakout cable 8G50 (for VGO+)

Multi-mode assembly includes 6 x ST connectors

International power supply 90-230VAC/6VDC

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