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VGA-/USB signals up to 300 m

The SDBX/Ux product family enables highresolution VGA signals (at resolutions up to 1600x1200), USB, stereo audio, and serial port signals to be communicated up to 300 m over CATx cables. Single-Head and Dual-Head versions are available. 

Fully adjustable video equalization (skew compensation), applied through keyboard hotkeys at the CON Unit, assures brilliant image quality over extended cable lengths. With a compact design, SDBX/Ux extenders are ideal for any desktop application.

  • Brilliant video quality at all resolutions
  • Keyboard/mouse/other devices: USB-HID
  • Video equalization (skew compensation), applied through keyboard hotkeys
  • All devices with local access
  • Device models with bidirectional audio and serial interface (V24/RS232)
  • Power supply:
    • CPU Unit via USB
    • CON Unit via included external power adapter
Power Supply Information
for all SDBX/Ux
CON Units
100-240VAC; 0.5 A; 50/60 Hz
Data Rates 
Serial (RS232)19.2 kBaud HW-Handshake
AudioBidirectional Stereo-Audio
connection, nearly CD-Quality,
16-bit, 38.4 kHz
Maximum Resolution1600x1200
Maximum Cable Distance 
1600x1200200 m
1280x1024300 m
Product description

Mounting bracket to mount by screws

Mounting bracket to mount by snap-on

19"assembly bracket

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