19" Rack Mount Kits

Accessories for mounting devices in 19” racks

When video and sound quality is really important, you should always ensure that you use high quality cable. Cable or connector mismatches can easily cause image errors such as shadows or reflections. When this occurs, it is often the device that is wrongly blamed for the problems. To transmit signals over large distances at the highest resolutions, the damping properties of a cable play an important role. Always use low-loss cables in these applications. The cables described in this chapter are CE approved, have been practically tested and are recommended for use with IHSE products. This chapter also describes a wide range of accessories designed for the installation of IHSE products into existing or new systems. We support all known 19” rack cabinets including those using snap-on or screw-mounting systems.

Product description

19"rackmount kit for 1-5 DSXi Single-Head

19"rackmount kit for 1-5 DSXi Dual-Head

Mounting plate for DSXI dualhead remote unit to mount by screws

19"assembly bracket

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