Draco U-Switch

4-/8-port Switch

The Draco U-Switch provides a constant connection state for the mouse and keyboard which provides for instant switching without delay.

More and more workstations are operated by a single person. To meet these demands, the Draco U-Switch offers the perfect solution. Whenever you need to run several CPUs with a single set of keyboard and mouse you may need this device. 

Multi-Monitor USB Switch

The Draco U-Switch works perfectly with our DVI extenders and provides the function to switch with one set of keyboard and mouse to up to 8 computers and monitors. With a Hot- Key- sequence or via push buttons, the user may switch keyboard & mouse fast between the screens. Additionally, each monitor can be equipped with an LED to signal the active monitor & CPU.

  • Quick and instant switching, without any delay
  • Switching via keyboard or optional push-buttons
  • Optional: LED lights can be attached to display the active monitor
  • compatible to all DVXi and Draco products
  • compatible to all USB-HID devices
  • Input Interface USB-HID (USB-B)
  • Output Interface USB-HID (USB-A)
  • optional 19'' rackmount kit for up to 2 devices in 1U
  • PSU and USB cables are included in delivery
Technical Data
Power Supply Information
100-240VAC / 0,5 A / 47-63 Hz
Dimensions221 x 146,7 x 43 mm
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