KVM Switch: Draco tera | S6

Access any digital audio workstation directly from the Pro Tools | S6 surface with the Draco tera | S6 KVM switch

The revolutionary Pro Tools | S6 control surface is the ultimate tool for audio professionals. Its modular and flexible architecture allows operators to design the perfect mixing surface for individual workflows.

Pro Tools | S6 surface with the Draco tera | S6 KVM switch

For even greater functionality and convenience, the Draco tera | S6 switch integrates with the Pro Tools | S6 system. With a single button press, any Pro Tools workstation can be instantly placed on any screen.

It takes the Pro Tools | S6 to an even greater level of performance and capability. Maximises operational efficiency and vastly simplifies the production workflow. Allowing audio professionals to focus on their jobs, not the equipment.

  • Direct access: Simple switching between Pro Tools and other work stations
  • Signal quality: Latency- and artefact-free audio and video distribution
  • Ready for use: Configurable to every application
  • High performance: HD-SDI video switching capability
  • Flexible: Preset recall options for repeated setups
  • Modular: Simplifies equipment installation

Power Supply Information (intern)90-240VAC / 4-2 A / 50-60 Hz
1920 x 1200 @ 60 Hz (24 bit)
2560 x 2048 @ 60 Hz (24 bit)
4K @ 30 Hz
4K @ 60 Hz
Maximum Distances

Cat X < 140 m
Multi-mode < 1000 m
Single-mode < 10 km

SDI (Video)

1920 x 1080 (1080p)
Maximum Distances

Coaxial (RG 59 B/U) 100 m

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