End-of-Life Products

Please find below the IHSE End-of-Life (EOL) products which are no longer listed in the new IHSE price list 2016. These products can still be purchased until 30th June 2016. Provided that the components are still available, these EOL products can be sent in for repair.

The replacement products, our Draco vario extender series and Draco tera matrix switches, are in production and we expect these to be available for at least the next 5 years.

ProductTypeEnd-of-LifeReplacement product
Draco minor          Matrix Switch        July 1, 2016       Draco tera compact, 8 Port         
Draco majorMatrix SwitchJuly 1, 2016Draco tera compact
DSXiDVI ExtenderJuly 1, 2016Draco vario
DDXiDVI ExtenderJuly 1, 2016Draco vario
DXXiDVI ExtenderJuly 1, 2016Draco vario
VTO/VROVGA ExtenderJuly 1, 2016Draco vario
471 SeriesRepeaterJuly 1, 2016485 Series

Further, we have replaced all transparent USB2.0 extenders “BXTx” style by new ones “BXUx” style and the “1STx“ style by new “1SUx“ style. Those models feature the latest ICRON technology but they are NOT compatible with the “BXTx” or “1STx” series, which you can still buy by request for existing implementations until July 1, 2016.

If you have any questions regarding the mentioned products or if you need assistance in finding a suitable replacement product, we will be more than happy to help.

Please call us on +49 (7546) 9248 42 or email us on sales@ihse-nospam.de.

All information is subject to change.