DVI, USB, RS232, PS/2 signals up to 10 km

The DVXi/ET “Enhanced Technology“ products support the transmission of DVI signals up to 10 km at resolutions up to 1920x1200. They provide perfect video quality while also offering the simultaneous transmission of keyboard, mouse, serial and audio signals. 

DVI KVM Extender

The DVXi- Extender supports DVI graphic interfaces (DVI-D) and, depending on device type, either PS2- keyboard/mouse or USB- keyboard/mouse. With our Enhanced USB Emulation (EUE), the device will also support a wide range of special USB-HID devices like touch screens, tablets and other pointing devices.

Using a highly effective compression algorithm you can count on the DVXi to provide the highest resolutions (1920x1200 @ 24 bit) without motion artifacts such as jerky video or motion latency. A unique feature of the DVXi is that the maximum signal distance does not depend on the screen resolution.

Offered as a Single-, Dual- or Quad-Head device, work space clutter becomes a thing of the past with only one Cat X or fiber optic cable required to send signals up to 140 m over Cat X or up to 10 km over single-mode fiber.

  • Crystal clear picture quality at all resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz.
  • Single-, Dual, Quad-Head device types available
  • Local access to add a second console directly at the CPU - USB offers local video access
  • Mounting plates to mount by screws or by snap-on available
  • 19” rackmount kit available (up to 4 devices may be mounted in 1 RU rack space).
External Power Supply
90-240VAC / 0.5 A / 47-63 Hz
Internal Power Supply
90-240VAC; 50/60 Hz
Data Rates
Serial (RS232)19.2 kBaud HW-Handshake
AudioBidirectional Stereo-Audio
connection, nearly CD-Quality,
16-bit, 38.4 kHz
Maximum ResolutionDVI Single-Link
Maximum Cable Distance
Cat X140 m
Multi-mode 1000 m
Single-mode10 km
Single-/Dualhead103 x 143 x 29 mm
Quadhead19” x 1 RU x 263 mm
Product description

Cat 5, S-UTP-Simplex 4x2xAWG24

Includes 2-plug assembly Cat X

Multi-mode breakout cable 2G50

Assembly includes 2 multi-mode LC connectors

Single-mode breakout cable 2E9

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