KVM Extender: Draco vario Dual-Head/Dual Link

Dual-Head/Dual Link Extender for transmission of computer signals up to 10 km

Use the Draco vario extender to transmit high resolution video signals without entailing any visual loss of quality up to 10 km via single-mode fiber cable and up to 140 m via Cat X cable.

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Dual-Head / Dual Link DVI KVM Extender

The Draco vario Dual-Head enables the connection of two DVI monitors. To extend signals a single Cat X or fiber cable link is needed, saving the expenses of a second extender and reducing cabling costs and installation effort. When used in conjunction with KVM matrix systems, the Draco vario Dual-Head extender saves valuable matrix ports. Its sister product, Draco vario Dual Link, enables the transmission of DVI signals to one single monitor up to 4K resolution. Extension of signals requires a single data cable. The extenders are compatible with regular Single-Head/Single extenders: Consoles can access Single-Head/Single Link CPU Units instantaneously. In this situation, signals from Single-Head/Single Link sources are embedded within the Dual Link signal format and can be switched with no discernible switching delay. Single-Head/Single Link images are displayed at their own native resolution within a blanked area on-screen.

  • Virtually lossless image quality at any resolution
  • Simple keyboard commands (hotkeys) for transmission of remotely connected monitors’ DCC information; including permanent storage at the CPU Unit
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Compatible with all IHSE Draco KVM switches
  • Only one KVM matrix port per unit required
  • All Draco vario options also available (USB embedded, USB transparent, audio etc.)
  • 19” Rackmount-Kit and brackets available
Input Interface
DMS-59 (2 x DVI-D Dual-Head/Single Link adapter) 
DMS-59 (DVI-D Dual Link adapter)
Output Interface
DMS-59 (2 x DVI-D Dual-Head/Single Link adapter) 
DMS-59 (DVI-D Dual Link adapter)
Resolution (max.)For Draco vario Dual-Head up to 2 x 1920 x 1200 or 2K
For Draco vario Dual Link up to 2560 x 2048 @ 60Hz
Data Rate (max.)2 x 165 MPixel/s 
330 MPixel/s 
Distance (max.)140 m Cat X,
10,000 m single-mode (9 μ)
Optional Interfaces
USB 2.0, USB transparent, analog Audio with RS232, digital Audio, PS/2, etc.
Keyboard / Mouse
Power SupplyInternational power supply unit (90-240V Input)
UpgradableOnboard Flash
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