KVM Extender: Draco compact

DVI, USB, RS232 signals up to 10 km

The Draco Extender family provides perfect high definition digital video transmission of DVI signals up to resolutions of 1920 x 1200. In addition, USB HID, USB 2.0, analog or digital audio and serial data signals can be extended to distances up to 80 km. The Draco Extenders combine multiple video encoding technologies devised by IHSE to deliver the very best picture while a pixel mapping ratio of 1:1 ensures authentic display of the source video.

Compact KVM Extender

With IHSE’s Intelligent Video Encoding, the Draco Compact Extenders ensure outstanding visual display, a critical feature for businesses demanding high quality full motion video. When there is a need to deliver full screen motion video, the Draco Extender has the capability to process full screen moving video in real time without artifacts and almost zero latency.

Performance is as if you were there, but with the power of being somewhere else up to 10 km away. Outstanding video color accuracy makes the Draco Extenders a smart choice for color controlled environments such as broadcast, post production, visual media, and scientific imaging.

  • Excellent image quality in all resolutions.
  • Single- and Dual-Head device models available
  • Wide range of options:
    • Two USB ports for HID
    • USB 2.0
    • Serial and analog audio
    • Digital audio
    • VGA inputs
  • All connections on one side for easy installation
  • 19” rackmount kit available - up to four units fit in one RU
  • External power supply or optional tray mounted power supply for one RU frame
  • All fiber devices are available as XV models. Due to the increased data transfer rate a loss-free image transfer is in virtually all cases possible.
Power Supply Information (external)90-240VAC / 1 A / 50-60 Hz
Data Rates
Serial (RS232)19.2 kBaud HW-Handshake
Analog AudioBidirectional Stereo-Audio Connections, 16-bit, 38.4 kHz
Digital AudioCompatible with AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Dolby Digital, DTMS, PCM, 32-48 kHz
Maximum ResolutionDVI Single-Link
Maximum Cable Distance
Cat X140 m
Multi-mode (50μ)1000 m
Single-mode (9μ)10 km
with one board103 x 143 x 29 mm
with two boards103 x 143 x 42 mm
Product description

Cat 5, S-UTP-Simplex 4x2xAWG24

Includes 2-plug assembly Cat X

Multi-mode breakout cable 2G50

Assembly includes 2 multi-mode LC connectors

Single-mode breakout cable 2E9

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