Converting VGA signals in DVI

  • Converts VGA to DVI
  • Provides VGA and DVI Input
  • Several options for picture scaling
  • Plug & Play functionality
  • Max. 1920x1200/60Hz

The VGA/ DVI converter converts VGA signals into DVI signals. Hereby, it allows the connection of TFT monitors to computers with a VGA graphic card for example. The VGA to DVI converter automatically detects all known resolutions up to 1920x1200. The device has an inbuilt scaler that allows scaling the input signal (also DVI) to a selectable size.

In addition to the basic version of the Media Converter family there are three further versions available. One version additionally supports S-Video, Component video as well as MDA, CGA and EGA and the other version supports SDI and HD-SDI up to 720p instead of MDA, CGA and EGA.

The VGA to DVI converter allows you to use modern TFT monitors with DVI input to CPUs with obsolete graphic cards or programmable logic controllers. The device is already preprogrammed with 160 video modes. Using the OSD menu, even unlisted graphic sources can be configured quickly and easily. By using this converter it is still possible to use older PC configurations even if the CRT monitor is defective. In mission-critical processes, this device may be the only way to maintain the operation of the system. The device digitalizes and caches incoming signals, before scaling and converting them to a compatible format of 1920 x 1200. Before displaying, the picture size can be adjusted to the size of the monitor. For a small outlay, the RGB to DVI converter helps companies maintain existing processes and machines - often developed with a considerable investment in time and money.

Technical Data

  • Power Supply (external) 90-240VAC / 0,5 A / 47-63 Hz; 5VDC
  • Output DVI-D, scalable up to 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
  • Data rates for K238-5FBNC: Input 15-80 kHz horizontal
  • Supported input signals: VGA (converter + scaler, DVI (scaler only)
  • Dimensions: 103 x 143 x 29 (42) mm


  • S-Video, Component-Video, MDA, CGA, EGA
  • S-Video, Component-Video, SDI bzw. HD-SDI

The scope of delivery includes (according to device type):

  • Media/DVI converter
  • EGA connection cable
  • VGA connection cable
  • Component Video connection cable
  • S-Video connection cable
  • SDI connection cable
  • IR remote control
  • External power supply unit
  • S-Video, Component-Video, MDA, CGA, EGA
Power Supply
90-240VAC / 0.5 A / 47-63 Hz
Maximum Resolution
OutputDVI-D 1920x1200@60Hz
Dimensions103 x 143 x 29 (42) mm
Data rates
Input15-80 kHz horizontal
50-80 Hz vertical
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