USB to PS/2

Converting USB signals in PS/2

  • USB to PS/2
  • USB A plug
  • 2 x PS/2 connector

This device converts USB signals to PS/2 signals. It allows PS/2 keyboards and mice to be connected to CPUs without PS2 ports or to connect a PS/2 keyboard/mouse to a USB-KVM extender. This converter does not require any power supply. Please note: it contains components that actively generate the
signals. This device is not simply a USB/PS/2 adapter - often supplied with keyboard/mice.

The USB-PS2 converter is a compact device to be connected to the USB port of your PC. It offers two additional PS2-Interfaces for connection of keyboard and mouse. It is also ideal for use with newer notebooks, which often only offer USB-Ports. Additional buttons on the keyboard, as e.g. "Sleep" / "Wake Up" or Internet buttons are supported, too.

Ports: USB 1x Type A connector, 2x 6pol. Mini DIN BU; power supply via the USB interface

  • Easy installation
  • No power supply necessary
  • Connections side1: (CPU) USB Type A Male
  • Connections side2: (peripheral devices) 2x PS/2 jack 6pol. Mini DIN female
  • Direction of conversion: USB to PS2
  • Color: gray
  • Application area: directly to a CPU or a Remote Unit e.g. DVXi/USB
  • Dimensions: 0.3 m cable length
  • Tech features: power supply via USB
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