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Repeater / Cross Repeater

Doubling of cable length

The Repeater / Cross Repeater can be used with both functions depending on the assembly. Used as Repeater (Cat X, fiber) it is possible to double the maximum distance when using it in the middle of an extender line. Used as cross repeater it can extend the distance and additionally convert from Cat X to fiber optics.

  • For all DVXi/Draco devices
  • Cat X up to 2x140 m
  • Multi-mode up to 2 x 400 m
  • Single-mode up to 2 x 10.000 m
  • Also to be used as Media converter CAT/fiber

When installing the Repeater device in the middle of a link, it will allow to double the total distance. (e.g. Cat X up to 2x140 m =280 m). Under all other circumstances, the cable on each side of the Repeater/Cross- Repeater may have the usual maximum distance (e.g. CATx up to 140 m, Multimode 50μ up to 400 m, ...).

Cross Repeater
When installing a Cross- Repeater device, the cable on each side of the Repeater/ Cross- Repeater may have the usual maximum distance (e.g. Cat X up to 140 m, Multi-mode 50μ up to 400m, ...).
Attention! actually DVXi Cat X and Fiber devices must not be used assorted. This means, it’s not allowed, to connect a DVXi Cat X Local Unit with a DVXi Fiber Remote Unit. So actually Cross- Repeater can be used only in pairs.

In many large buildings the horizontal cabling is done with Cat X cables and the vertical cabling with fiber cables. If you use Cross Repeaters, this application will be handled perfectly. The Cross Repeater is also very suitable for the connection between two buildings.

  • Compatible with all DVXi Extenders
  • Compatible with all Draco Switches
  • Repeater: Cat X/Cat X, fiber/fiber
  • Cross Repeater: Cat X/fiber
  • Rack Mount options (19”): Mount up to 5 devices in a 19”/1U rack mount kit. This saves expensive rack space
  • Shipping includes: Repeater/Cross Repeater, international PSU
Power Supply
90-240VAC / 0.5 A / 47-63 Hz
Maximum Resolution
Each Cat X connector2 x 140 m (placed in the middle)
Each multi-mode connector (50μ)2 x 1000 m (placed in the middle)
Each single-mode (9μ) connector2 x 10 km (placed in the middle)
Dimensions80 x 110 x 29 mm
Product description

19"rackmount kit for 1-5 DSXi Single-Head

Mounting plate for Repeater/Cross Repeater and DSXI family to mount by screws

Mounting plate for Repeater/Cross Repeater and DSXI family to mount by snap-on or by screws

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