2-Port DVI-Splitter Cable

Input and output DVI-D splitter cable

The 2-port DVI smart Splitter cable allows you to output a DVI signal (for example from a PC) to two display units. By pressing a button on the splitter, you determine which DDC information (from monitor 1 or 2) is transmitted to the PC. The device supports resolutions up to 1920x1200 at full colour depth.

  • DVI-D
  • up to 1920x1200@60Hz
  • 2-Port

Many customers, especially industrial users require displaying their data not only on one, but on two separate monitors simultaneously.

The 2 x DVI splitter cable allows distributing the data of a single DVI graphic card to two monitors simultaneously, remaining full quality. There is no difference between the digital display of the video data compared and the original signal.

Normally, no configuration has to be set to operate the 2x DVI splitter.

But it might be possible that the DDC information of each monitor has to be transmitted to renew the definition on the computer. For example, if the display device should have no picture, the DDC information of the current display device has to be transmitted to the CPU again to ensure correct DDC transmission, thus to achieve a perfectly working device. The DDC information can be transmitted by both monitors. Switching the DDC transmission of the according monitors, a button on the device can be used easily.

An external power supply is not required due to the power supply via USB.

Because of its compact design as a cable solution, the splitter can be implemented everywhere very easily.

  • Connections for 2 DVI monitors
  • Transfer of the DDC information
  • DVI connecting cable is fixed / included
  • Power supply via USB connection
Maximum Resolution
DVI Single-Link
Dimensions100 x 49 x 23 mm
Product description

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