IHSE extends multi-screen control for graphics cards with multiple video outputs

Multi-screen control allows several computers and monitors to be controlled using a single keyboard and mouse. Computers with multi-head outputs can also be included.

With Multi-screen control, switching of a single mouse and keyboard to the appropriate computer is automatic and occurs as the operator changes focus between computers and screens, simply by rolling the mouse cursor to the new screen. This avoids the need for manual changing of devices, or multiple keyboards and mice on the desktop.

Multi-screen control is an integral part of Draco switches and offers the capability of handling up to four multi-head devices. With the Draco U-Switch fast and accurate mouse selection can be achieved over eight connections.

It supports mixed setups with single-head and multi-head sources. Dual, triple and quad-head systems can be accommodated. Monitors can be freely positioned allowing them to be placed alongside each other or in blocks in any configuration.