New controller board for Draco tera enterprise

IHSE has launched a new controller board (Draco tera CPU board) for Draco tera enterprise switching systems. Several new and enhanced functions have been added to the original controller design.

What is the function of the controller board within the KVM matrix?

Draco tera enterprise KVM systems are equipped with a controller board to provide local connection for system administration, status, diagnostics and maintenance functions. The controller board also includes an in-built CPU. System administrators can connect their console or other control units directly to the matrix and access servers in real-time, conduct system checks and bug fixings using the OSD or Draco tera Tool.

What's new?

  • Enhanced monitoring with SNMP V3
  • Enhanced authentication with LDAP V3
  • Dual LAN port for redundant matrix-grid interconnection
  • Genlock option (synchronization signal via Mini-BNC interface)
  • Connection for local HDMI console instead of DVI console

Are there likely to be problems with the changeover?

No, the new controller board’s firmware will work in all IHSE Draco tera enterprise KVM matrices. For maximum reliability in Draco tera enterprise KVM systems it can also be used in conjunction with the previous controller board or with an additional new controller board; in redundant configuration.

All familiar options are retained. The functional OSD remains unchanged. The serial port and the USB ports for keyboard and mouse access to local consoles are also retained.

Why it was developed

  • Greater security:

    • Failure safety in the matrix grid network (redundant LAN connection)
    • Latest versions of monitoring and authentication tools

  • Greater efficiency:

    • Improved boot and update times
    • Optimized monitoring and authentication tools
    • Modular firmware platform

  • Optimal image transmission:

    • For use with HDMI connections (customers’ request)
    • Genlock option (optimal synchronization of video sources)


Orders for the new controller board will be accepted with immediate effect, with first deliveries later in Q2 2017.

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