Broadcast Innovation Days in Asia

Think Big, Start Small – The Power to Scale

Broadcast Solutions, together with industry partners IHSE, Riedel and Zenon Media, presented a selection of the latest technology innovations to broadcast professionals at two successful Broadcast Innovation Days, one in Jakarta and one in Hanoi. More than 300 visitors attended the events.

The theme of the events was to demonstrate that broadcast centers can be built to suit the needs of today’s broadcasters and be upgraded to tomorrow’s requirements.  The sessions combined hands-on demonstrations and presentations and covered a selection of important topics:

What were the main topics discussed, and what were some of the attendees' main concerns arising from the emergence of new technologies, and the subsequent changes in their workflows?

With the title “Think Big, Start Small – The Power to Scale” the events focused on topics including options on streamlining the broadcast workflow and how broadcasters can implement future-proof solutions.  They also discussed the requirements of local broadcast companies and solutions to meet ever-changing production demands.

One of the main concerns of the attendees was the need for future proof solutions and how they can migrate existing workflows as technology evolves. With the rise of IP-based solutions, should broadcasters stick to known and practised technology or develop a new path to IP?

In your opinion, what are some of the other key takeaways for attendees?

Technological solutions are needed to cope with the industries demand for faster workflows and economic solution against widespread forms of competition. The events provided the attendees with new insights into the latest broadcast technology “Made in Germany”.

Of specific interest was the analysis of future proof solutions that can bridge the gap between current and future practices in the broadcast industry; and how it relates to the industry in the APAC region as users’ viewing behaviour changes.

Broadcast Solutions – Streamline OBs and innovative products
Overview of the extensive portfolio of the company’s solutions and products and how they fit into future-proof broadcast solutions, with a detailed look at the new range of cost-effective, field-proven “Streamline” type of OB vans.  Also, a glimpse into the range of products from innovative multichannel and replay servers, exploring how software based solutions aid studios.  As well as Satcom antennas and Robycam stabilized rail and “flying” camera systems.

IHSE – Streamline the Broadcast Workflow
In today’s fast-paced broadcast environment, the ability to instantly access essential equipment is crucial to every great transmission. IHSE Draco tera KVM switches allow operators, engineers and producers to manage any device from any workstation, delivering greater flexibility, increased efficiency and enhanced system security and reliability.
The system’s modularity and expansion features are an important aspect, allowing broadcasters to expand and extend facilities in the future and deal with all types and form of content and data.

Riedel – Modular Production: De-centralized
Today’s production environments require agile and efficient systems to allow them to adapt to a wide variety of production challenges.  The newest member of Riedel’s MediorNet family, MicroN features easy-to-use configuration options that provide increased reliability and versatility. MicroN-based systems are future-proof as markets migrate towards fully IP-based production environments.

Zenon Media – Modern radio station automation
A modern radio automation system simplifies daily work in a radio station. From import and management of all data, management of the playlist, and playout on multiple channel broadcast layers.