Featured: The IHSE reception team

Susanne Schoening and Sabrina Katzenmaier are usually the first contact points at IHSE for our customers. Susanne is known to many as the long-standing secretary and coordinator of IHSE activities. Sabrina joined the company in February 2016 to help in this role and to assist financial accounting.

To put it in KVM terms: as the Matrix switch is to the KVM network, so is the reception team to our enterprise: the central switching point for incoming communications and support of visitors and staff.  In addition, Susanne and Sabrina arrange all business trips and corporate events.

The variety of the work appeals to Sabrina: "Our field of work is very varied and it simply never gets boring," she says.

Susanne enjoys the customer contact and internal communication aspects: "The IHSE office is a very pleasant working environment. This is enormously important for cohesion and successful co-operation."