IBC 2016 Review

We hope you had an enjoyable experience at the show. It was another fantastic opportunity to learn about rapidly evolving trends in the broadcast industry. Thank you for stopping by our stand and spending time talking to our team. We look forward to providing the highest quality KVM solutions for your projects. Please contact us to schedule a meeting or demo to explore how IHSE KVM solutions can streamline your broadcast workflow.

Thanks also, to everyone who helped make this year's IBC show another great success! See you all at IBC 2017!

Draco ultra DisplayPort – Unprecedented 30-bit color depth

We had the pleasure of demonstrating the Draco ultra's unprecedented video quality on a 30-bit Eyevis monitor. Visitors were highly impressed by the brilliant color appearance achieved by increasing the color depth from 24 to 30 bit.

The improvement was notably visible in grayscale gradient and shading on images. [More...]

Avid Pro Tools | S6 and IHSE Draco tera – A winning combination

We also showcased an Avid Pro Tools | S6 console integrated with a Draco tera compact | S6 KVM switch. The demonstration attracted many visitors to our stand. Switching between audio material located on different remote servers is achieved simply by means of buttons on the S6 control surface.

The switch provides instantaneous access and operates in the background, invisible to users - just as it should be. For sound engineers working with the Avid S6, the integration of IHSE's KVM system delivers greater flexibility and increases productivity. [More...]